Episode 3 - Bobby Williams

The 1 Step Forward Podcast is hosted by BC Steele.  BC Steele is a fourteen year veteran of the wrestling business and a 32 year veteran of life.  Having worked with some of the biggest names in the wrestling business and experiencing great highs and lows (in wrestling and life), it makes for an interesting mix.  Hear him talk about pro wrestling, sports, sex, drugs, music, and whatever else comes to mind.  BC Steele is one to always speak his mind and entertain.  

In episode 3 you'll get 5 Questions with Bobby Williams.  Not only BCS's bff but Bobby Williams is also a veteran of the Pittsburgh independent wrestling scene.  He's booked, promoted, wrestled, and refereed.  Bobby Williams (or Potter as he is known to some) is this episode's special cohost.  You'll get the first "Potter Story time" as well as BCS's topic of the day which is an article written by Marcus Miller on Spiderduck.net.  BCS reads "How Hugs Could Be Greater Than Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect"  Check it out at http://spiderduck.net/spiderduck/2015/2/10/how-hugs-could-be-greater-than-hustle-loyalty-and-respect.  


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