Episode 7 - Chris LeRusso

The 1 Step Forward Podcast is hosted by BC Steele.  BC Steele is a fifteen year veteran of the wrestling business and a 32 year veteran of life.  Having worked with some of the biggest names in the wrestling business and experiencing great highs and lows (in wrestling and life), it makes for an interesting mix.  Hear him talk about pro wrestling, sports, sex, drugs, music, and whatever else comes to mind.  BC Steele is one to always speak his mind and entertain.  

In episode 6, we have Chris LeRusso as the 5 Questions guest.  Chris LeRusso appears regularly for International Wrestling Cartel, Black Diamond Wrestling, and several other promotions in the tri-state area.  In IWC, he is regularly managed by 1SF host, BC Steele.  Hear Chris talk about his matches, his training students, and how being an attorney helps him with wrestling.   

You’ll also get Potter Story Time with "Wrestling's Most Wanted".  What happens when 4 individuals under the age of 21 get pulled over when they're in a brand new car?  Listen and find out. 

The topic of the day is "Why You Want Wrestling to Succeed".  Why do wrestling fans (and those in wrestling as well) want places like ROH, TNA, indies, and even the brand split to succeed?  Listen to find out.

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