Episode 12 - Marcus Mann

The 1 Step Forward Podcast is hosted by BC Steele.  BC Steele is a 16+ year veteran of the wrestling business and a 34+ year veteran of life.  Having worked with some of the biggest names in the wrestling business and experiencing great highs and lows (in wrestling and life), it makes for an interesting mix.  Hear him talk about pro wrestling, sports, sex, drugs, music, and whatever else comes to mind.  BC Steele is one to always speak his mind and entertain.  

The audio, from episode 14 on will be much better.  Better recording equipment.  Thanks to Matt Conard for giving them details.  

In episode 12, BC Steele’s “5 Questions” guest is Marcus Mann.  BC credits Marcus for invigorating him in 2011.  BC calls Marcus “Scorsese”.  Find out why.  Also hear some fun stories of Marcus’s life and love of baseball.   Find Marcus on Twitter http://www.Twitter.com/MarcusMannBHS

You’ll also get Potter Story Time.  Popcorn fart, clothesline pants on the ground.  Maybe this is self-explanatory?  Maybe not?  One thing is for sure.  Potter Story time is always a fun time.

The topic of the day is nonexistent.  Maybe BCS… ah screw it.  I write these myself.  Maybe I’ll keep the topic of the day up.  Maybe not.  Maybe I’ll change the format.  Maybe I’ll release the Jack Pollock episode next and change the format.  Maybe maybe maybe.

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