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Episode 9 - Bulk Nasty

In episode 9, BC Steele’s newest client Bulk Nasty takes on “5 Questions”.  They don’t get bigger and badder than Bulk Nasty.  The guy has been stabbed and kept on going.  Also, if you work a drive-thru, don’t piss him off.  Those stories and much more.  

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Episode 7 - Chris LeRusso

In episode 6, we have Chris LeRusso as the 5 Questions guest.  Chris LeRusso appears regularly for International Wrestling Cartel, Black Diamond Wrestling, and several other promotions in the tri-state area.  In IWC, he is regularly managed by 1SF host, BC Steele.  Hear Chris talk about his matches, his training students, and how being an attorney helps him with wrestling.   

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Episode 4 - Quinn Magnum

In episode 4 you'll get 5 Questions with Quinn Magnum, the creative force behind Pro Wrestling eXpress.  Quinn Magnum has no problem speaking his mind and these 5 questions are no different.  Here what happened in April 2000 when all hell broke list which resulted in Quinn suffering a broken hand.  You'll also get "Potter Story time" as well as BCS's topic of the day which is "So Ya Wanna Be a Promoter?". 

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Episode 1 Step Forward

The 1 Step Forward Podcast is hosted by BC Steele.  BC Steele is a fourteen year veteran of the wrestling business and a 32 year veteran of life.  Having worked with some of the biggest names in the wrestling business and experiencing great highs and lows (in wrestling and life), it makes for an interesting mix. 

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