Aquaman Issue 25 Review - Underworld Part One

WARNING: Minor Spoilers for previous issues. 

Sometimes you need a new direction to really make a splash (pun not intended) and that's exactly what Stjepan Sejic's art does for Aquaman #25. Just by looking at the cover, you can't help but be drawn into the latest issue. The cover is just a preview for the main event as a well-written story from Dan Abnett is brought to life by Sejic's art.  

Since Rebirth, we've seen some highs and lows for Arthur Curry and now, at his lowest, we see an actual rebirth for the title. Abnett's writing has also had its high and lows and the result has been some pretty consistently good issues that sometimes give you really great moments. At what can be described as Arthur Curry's lowest point as a character, it feels like the start of Abnett's highest point as a writer.

This is just the beginning of Arthur's new path as he must fight the Atlantean regime that ousted him and left him for dead. This leaves Arthur in a position to fight from the seedy underbelly of Atlantis as we get to see more of the underwater city. It's nice to see an Aquaman comic that actually takes place in Atlantis and the art brings it to life.  

Arthur has seemed a little lost when it comes to figuring out what Atlantis wants from its King. Underworld is a great start for Arthur to become a fighter for his people and for his throne. We also see what a little bit of hope can do for Mera and you can read the next Justice League issue to find out where that takes her.


5 OUT OF 5

This is the start of what looks to be a fantastic story arc. Abnett and Sejic make a great creative team that pushes Aquaman forward and have come out of the gate swinging. This is a must-read for any Aquaman fans and a great place to start for anyone looking to jump in.