Episode 7 - Twin Magic

The Twins are in trouble with only a few more week of Big Brother! Who will be evicted this week? Who should be evicted this week? Trevor and JB are back with this week's edition of A Twist Of Big Brother!

Episode 6 - End Of A Friendmance?

Trevor and JB talk about the past two weeks of Big Brother and the upcoming double eviction. SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched the latest episode with the veto competition, we do have a point towards the end that we warn you to turn off the podcast!

Episode 5 - Steve Came To Play

We are back to talk about the latest Double Eviction episode and much more as the complexion of the house has changed a bit. A line is drawn in the sand and Steve, of all people, seems to be at the epicenter. See what we had to say about everything before tonight's veto!

Episode 4 - Bye Bye Love

In this supersized episode of A Twist Of Big Brother, Trevor and JB talk about the past two weeks worth of evictions and the ramifications. SPOILER ALERT: We talk about the HoH competition that just took place as we were recording, we will warn you in the podcast to turn it off when we get there. 

Episode 3 - How Not To Play Big Brother

Welcome to another edition of A Twist Of Big Brother with Trevor Osz and Jeremy Bennett as we talk about the latest eviction and prepare you for tonight's eviction. We talk about all of the drama from the week including the mind-boggling way that Audrey plays this game. Be sure to check this out before the eviction! 

Episode 2 - House Of Lies

We are back to discuss the last two weeks of Big Brother before the big eviction tonight. Join us as we talk about Jace and Day's evictions and how fast the game has been played this season leading into tonight's live eviction ceremony.