Spiderduck @ PAX East 2013: Saint's Row IV

So, this weekend I attended PAX East, and there was a ton of good stuff to see. One of my favorite things was definitely Saint's Row IV and if you thought that the last entry was insane then the bar just got set higher.

They started off by showing a few new weapons, and these weapons look like they are going to provide a ton of fun. The first was the Inflater, which you shoot someone with it they inflate making them bigger and bigger until they explode. My favorite new gun that they showed though was the Dub Step gun, which when you shoot it the person you shoot gets disintegrated while everyone else around them starts dropping to the beat, car windows explode from the bass, and stuff becomes pixelated. Volition also wanted you to be able to customize your weapons with a lot of new skins to make them more unique and they pull them from a lot of pop culture. The ones they showed us were for the rocket launcher, which you could make look like the Scope gun from the Super Nintendo days or a guitar case. Volition said that there would be a ton of these skins to find and unlock throughout the game. 

The biggest reveal of all of this was the super power aspect being added to Saint's Row. You need these powers to fight the new alien invasion that has descended upon Steelport. Volition was showing quite a bit when it came to the powers. You can have super speed like The Flash and get from place to place quickly. You can jump super high, and even fly. Essentially, they have made you Superman, and with the track record of Superman games this could end up being the best one. The combat powers they showed off were the freeze ray, which is exactly what you would think. You freeze anything and then you can shatter it or something like a car will be sent flying. They also were showing the TK power which is telekinesis, and it allowed you to pick up anything and throw it. It looks like a ton of fun. You won't start off with these powers, but you'll be able to unlock them as you progress through the game. Most of the enemies won't really give you much trouble when you have way more power than they do, so they introduced the new aliens called Wardens who are also super powered and you won't be able to escape from them. 

That is what has been shown so far for Saint's Row IV by Volition. It was such a fun experience too watch, and I hope that everyone gets to see that demo soon enough. I really enjoyed Saint's Row The Third and it was definitely one of the biggest surprises from a few years ago. Saint's Row IV looks like it is turning the crank of the last game from an eleven to a fifteen, so I am looking forward to playing the full game. It comes out August 23rd, so check it out!