Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Dated for May 1 on XBLA, PSN, & PC

What is Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon you ask? It is the new 80s style stand-alone expansion to Far Cry 3. You won't have to own the original game to enjoy this piece of downloadable goodness coming in just a few short weeks on May 1 for XBLA, PSN, and PC. Anyone who pre-orders the PC version will also get a copy of the game's retro-inspired soundtrack. 

Blood Dragon is a completely separate narrative from Far Cry 3 as the only thing it shares is the island locale. It's supposed to be a laugh-fueled look at life in the new future of 2007?! Yes, 2007, which is technically the future of the 80s? Right? Sure! So, you get to see the fallout from "Vietnam 2" and a recent nuclear attack on North America. You will be playing as cyber commando Sgt. Rex Power Colt as he captures outposts from rogue cyber group, Omega Force, and hunts animals like the new laser-eyed Blood Dragons. There is no official price yet, but Steam is listing the game at a cool $14.99 so I would expect that to be accurate. So, if this sounds ridiculous to you, well, it will be and I'm ready to check it out!