WWE '13 Review

Release Date: October 30, 2013 - Rated T for Blood, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, and Violence - Genre: Wrestling - Publisher: THQ - Developer: Yuke's Media Creations

WWE '13 is the newest wrestling game brought to you by the folks at THQ and Yuke's Media Creations. It features a new story mode that takes you back to the Attitude Era as well as a myriad of new customizable options. If there is one thing that WWE '13 is about it's letting you play your way. So, let's talk about the revolution that WWE '13 brings.

We really need a new ring crew!


WWE '13 is running on what is now dubbed Predator Technology 2.0, which is basically an improvement of the technology they had in last year's game. The core mechanics for WWE '13 haven't really changed much from last year, but that's not a bad thing. This year it's all about the details, and on this Yuke's delivers in a big way. Yuke's and THQ put in a lot of work this year on the animations for the various moves, and what you get is a more organic experience as you play. The game feels and looks a lot smoother as you go from move to move, and the counters don't always feel the same. You see this especially when breaking a submission as each one has it's own unique way of breaking the hold. Everything feels fluid like you're watching an actual wrestling match.

There are also new options to change the kind of match you'll get as you can set the length of a match you want: you have quick which lets you speed up the match and able to hit your signature and finishing moves faster, you have the normal match type which will keep it the same as before, and then you have epic which let's you have a long drawn out battle as if every match were Stone Cold vs The Rock. They have also improved upon match types this year especially with the I Quit match as it's an awesome back and forth contest and have made the quitting system similar to pinning. They really did a good job with that and improving existing modes. THQ also brings back some stuff that wasn't in last year's game like the King of the Ring tournament and keeps mainstays like Hell In A Cell intact with more to do. One of the big things they added this year are the OMG! moments where you can hit a finisher at a certain spot in the arena and cool stuff happens: the ring collapses, you send someone through the guardrail, you throw them off the cell into the announce table, etc. This year THQ and Yuke's didn't reinvent the wheel but they sure as hell improved upon it.  

It's the most painful version of Groundhog's Day for Mick Foley.


Whether you're an old school fan looking to relive the late 90s and the Monday Night Wars or a newer fan that is living it for the first time, the Attitude Era mode is going to suck you right back into the way wrestling was back then. The developers did a phenomenal job with the story mode this year, and it shows in the attention to detail: you have excellent video packages that are just as good as any you would see on WWE programming, the superstars from that era look just as they did back then, and they even included sound clips from actual interviews and commentary from the time period. Playing through the Attitude mode made me feel like I was in my early teens and watching Raw Is War again! They also did a good job with letting you play the way you want to as there are optional objectives in each storyline match that take moments from the actual matches that you are recreating, but if you just want to get through the story to see what happens next you can just do that as well. This is the first story mode in a long time where I couldn't stop playing. 

There's a vast universe out there!


On the surface the Universe mode seems like it's the same as last year, and you wouldn't be wrong. However, like I said earlier, WWE '13 is about options and this year they added some huge options to Universe. You have your smaller stuff like being able to turn off certain storylines (such as injuries, tag team creation, etc), and then you have the big stuff like being able to create shows on every single day of the week which lets you customize everything from the roster to the arena it takes place in. You can also add PPVs, customize the title belts (even new ones you created) you use for the promotions, you could have your WWE stuff running at the same time as your favorite indy wrestling outfit or a new promotion that you created. You can literally do stuff every single day of the week, and that essentially gives Universe mode endless possibilities. They made it easy to spend lots and lots of hours with WWE '13!

Know your role!


Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that the online aspects work this year. That's all some of you will need to sell you, but there is a lot more in the online functionality this year other than the fact that it works. I played some online matches with a friend of mine to get the experience in which I couldn't get last year and it felt like you were playing the game in your living room with the other person right next to you. The game really is excellent when playing with other people online, and I had a great experience with it. To also improve the experience THQ has taken the match creator online this year and you can do pretty much any type of match you want just as you could if you and your friends were playing on the couch. That is the experience you want with a game like this. Community Creations is also crazy fast unlike ever before, so for those untalented individuals like myself we can go download those superstars from other companies if we want without a problem. 

There are more degenerates than ever before in WWE '13!


Just like in every WWE game you have a lot of creation options and WWE '13 is no different. You have a robust superstar creator, a vastly improved arena creator, completely change your movesets or make new moves, make your own storylines, make your own title belts, make logos or videos, and more! If you are a guy who wants to recreate or create something from scratch from inside your mind then you can do it in WWE '13. The suite of creation tools is extensive and adds even more to the package. There are also some improvements such as crowd noise, which isn't perfect but is a solid update from the lack of noise last year even though the commentary still falls flat and is uninteresting. 


When all is said and done WWE '13 is not a perfect game nor does it reinvent the games before it but it's the closest we've come in a long time to that in a wrestling game. It improves upon its predecessor in a lot of ways, and it has enough content to keep you coming back for months if not years. WWE '13 is a great game, and if you're on the fence you should probably just go buy it. This is the best WWE video game offering this generation.

This review is based on a retail copy of the Xbox 360 version of WWE '13, obtained by the reviewer.

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