Question Of The Week: Batman Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins, the latest Batman game in the Arkham franchise, won’t be developed by Rocksteady Studios—instead, Warner Bros. Montreal is putting it together. That will appear on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate will be released for the Vita and 3DS. Blackgate has been compared to Metroid for its 2D exploration/platforming gameplay.

Both games are due out on October 25th, 2013.

Are you looking forward to Arkham Origins, or is Batman at risk of contracting sequel fatigue? Does the change in developer from Rocksteady to Warner Bros. Montreal concern you, or does Warner Bros. know what they're doing? Finally, do you think Blackgate can pull off the Arkham experience in 2D on handhelds?

Jimmy Kovalski

Not really sure what to think about it honestly. Seen it coming with how well the franchise has done to this point. On one hand I’m excited because, well….it’s batman. On the other hand I’m worried because Rocksteady isn’t making it. I’m sure the game will be fine given the resources are already there but I’m worried it wont live up to the extreme quality that the first two games had. I guess we will find out once we see some gameplay.

I am excited to see the handheld one though. Could be very good. Plus it’s a Batman game on the go. What can possible be bad about that?

Marcus Lawrence

What I won’t do is hate or bash this game because let’s face it; we know nothing about Arkham Origins. We know it’s coming to current-gen consoles and is being developed by Warner Bros. Montreal instead of Rocksteady Studios. That is the only fact which bothers me greatly because IF they do happen to mess this up, then the Arkham streak is gone. Will Warner Bros. Montreal screw up? We won’t find out until October 25th. I’ve also heard how Rockstead is “confident” in Warner Bros. Montreal but that could just be some fluff words used to keep the hate at bay. While I’m not as excited for Arkham Origins as I was with Asylum and City, I will be keeping a close eye on this.

Now, with the handheld version coming out for 3DS and Vita; I’m not put off but I can't exactly say I care. I sadly missed out on Metroid Prime, so I’m not familiar with Retro Studio’s titles. Since some of the key staff now make up Armature and will be developing Blackgate, it could be a real decent handheld game. Regardless, both of these games come out one day before my birthday, so unless I hear some truly negative feedback; I’ll be giving both a shot.

Greg Livingston

Armature (the developer of Blackgate) was also recently in the news for their scrapped Mega Man first person shooter. Apparently, the studio contains former staff from Retro Studios, which was the studio responsible for the Metroid Prime series. If Blackgate shares any staff with the Prime games, I'm optimistic; those games knew how to craft a carefully-paced open world. Granted, I don't know how much of the staff currently at Armature worked on the Metroid Prime games.

I’m also glad to see Arkham Origins heading to Wii U. It feels like I’m chalking up each individual third party title as a victory. I’m guessing Nintendoland and New Super Mario Bros. U were supposed to tide me over until Nintendo could get some hearty first party content out, but I find myself enjoying the console’s third party offerings more.

What are your thoughts on Batman: Arkham Origins?