Spiderduck Network and Galactic Gaming News HAVE MERGED!

Alright, we have a BIG Announcement to make. The Spiderduck Network has merged with Galactic Gaming News so that we can do bigger and better things. Things like constant daily video game content such as news, videos, reviews, and much much more in the pipelines! Both teams are proud to be on board and ready to keep bringing you great content that you will be proud to tell your friends about! (No, seriously, tell them. Please, stop reading this post and tell your friends you love us. Click that share button down on the bottom of this post! Just do it!)

So, for the Spiderduck side please welcome four new content machines in Jimmy Kovalski, Greg Livingston, Marcus Lawrence, and Greg Blois! Welcome them as they are all great writers who will bring you some awesome content every day! For the Galactic Gaming News side, I introduce the Spiderduck Network which is full of podcasts to listen to on various things. I (Trevor Osz) am proud to be working the GGN team to make a lot of new content. Along with the GGN Team I feel as if we are on a rollercoaster that is only going up! So, join us, explore the new site, and start a conversation with us! Every post now has the Disqus commenting system! So, make full use of it. Both teams thank you for the support and we will appreciate any continued support into making us better than ever and better together! So, you can now point people to your favorite video games writers by pointing them to GalacticGamingNews.com or  Spiderduck.net!