State of Decay Slated For June Release

For those of you who have a zombie game obsession like I do, you’ve no doubt been keeping tabs on the upcoming game from Undead Labs – State of Decay.  Well it looks like the wait is over, as the Xbox 360 version of the game is officially scheduled for a June release, with a PC version to follow soon after.  It will be a downloadable title through XBLA. 

Although State of Decay might come off as strictly a 3rd person action game, it actually emphasizes survival in a “dynamic open world” as you scavenge for food and ammunition, rescue other survivors, and fortify a home base for long term safety.  Your actions will directly affect the real-time sandbox world, even when the game is off.  So make sure that garden you planted to feed your base is fully watered before you shut that 360 off, soldier!  Hmmmm.  Slaying zombies and gardening duties too?!!  I may have my hands full in June.  Bring it on!  Check out the latest trailer below.