Does The Last Of Us Easter Egg Hint At PS4 Release Date?

- Gregory Blois

Oh Naughty Dog, what are you up to?  You have the internets all abuzz today because of a mysterious date found in a screenshot from your upcoming game, The Last of Us.  Remember when you teased said game in Uncharted 3 by posting the headline “Scientists Are Still Struggling To Understand Deadly Fungus,” on a folded newspaper within the game?  Sure you do. 

So, now you’re teasing the date 10/17/13 on an evacuation notice sign in The Last of Us.  What could it be?  The internets believe it’s the release date for the PS4.  Only time will tell. 


Tell us what you think, readers.  The Last of Us will be available June 14th as a PS3 exclusive.