Heavenly Sword Also Destined For Film

Main Character Nariko

Main Character Nariko

Posted By: Marcus Lawrence(@GGNMugen)

With more and more video games transitioning into movies, Heavenly Sword is the newest addition into the category. The CG animated movie won't be seen on the silver screen however since it's heading straight to video.

This information was actually tied in with the reveal of the Ratchet & Clank movie (Set to arrive in 2015). No word on when the Heavenly Sword movie will be spotted sadly. For the people that haven't heard of Heavenly Sword, this game was developed by Ninja Theory. You may know them as the developers that recently did the Devil May Cry reboot.

I never had the chance to play Heavenly Sword but from seeing gameplay years ago, it borrowed elements from God of War and in all honesty, looked pretty good.