New Xbox Will Be Revealed Come May 21st


Posted By: Marcus Lawrence(@GGNMugen)

This is not a drill, this is not a rumor; the next Xbox is being shown come May 21st. There will be a live broadcast straight from the Xbox campus in Redmond, Washington. The "Next-Box" has been stirring up a lot of rumors and controversy surrounding it's capabilities especially among the topics of always online and no backward compatibility. 

All of these unanswered questions should be cleared during the Xbox event. The event will be streamed on, Spike TV and XBLA most likely via the "Live Event Viewer" app.

As an added bonus, come June during the E3 convention, Microsoft plans to unveil it's “full lineup of blockbuster games” . Now, we can see what the Next-Box is all about. What are your thoughts concerning the new Xbox?