No Nintendo E3 Press Conference This Year


Apparently Nintendo is going to be handling this year's E3 a little differently. That is, not holding a traditional E3 press conference and hold smaller 'closed-door' events for press and analysts to get their hands on some games. They are also trying to get any information from E3 directly to fans that can't attend. 

Again, to clarify, Nintendo is not skipping out on E3 as a whole. They will just not hold the traditional big E3 Press Conference we are use to seeing. They will still have a presence at E3.

Satoru Iwata, who will not attend the event had this to say:

“At this years E3 we will not be announcing a new hardware system, so E3′s primary mission will be to have [press, analysts] experience our software. Many people would like to know more about the titles for Wii U that will be announced. We will use the timing of E3 to focus on providing details about our Wii U titles for release this year, and intend to create opportunities for guests to the conference to experience them immediately. We will attempt to use this year’s E3 to make announcements in a new way that we have not tried before.”

So, are you disappointed in this decision by Nintendo?