The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Announced


We've known about "the other XCOM game" for quite sometime now but the future looked bleak for the FPS based on XCOM. Well today, 2K Marin officially announced that the game is still very much alive and is expected to on August 20th for PS3, PC and Xbox 360. The game is also no longer a FPS, but rather a tactical squad-based third person shooter.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified puts players in the shoes of agent William Carter. The backdrop is 1962 and the Cold War is raging on. Carter is an intelligence agent who is recruited by The Bureau to investigate the possible invasion of aliens. He soon finds himself actually leading men into battle against those said aliens. Players will see a cover up and the true story behind the XCOM initiative.

Creative director Morgan Gray said in an interview with IGN:

At a high level, what we were attempting to do was find a third-person tactical squad-based interpretation of the classic XCOM gameplay tenets. No Rambos, no one-man army. It’s me leading my soldiers in battle to success against numerically superior and technologically superior forces.”

He also went on to explain:

Our mission statement here is to move beyond the turn-based isometric God’s Eye View on the battlefield and to put you into the boots of this squad leader, where the bullets are flying in the middle of the mix, having to basically direct your squad and keep your own head from being shot off all at the same time.”

He also went into detail about a mechanic called "Battle Focus."

The Battle Focus interface allows you to do things like maneuver and position your squadmates around the battlefield in real-time, Target prioritization, utilizing different powers and abilities that [your squad] is able to rank up and obtain that you customize them with, and controlling squadmates as the battle happens, building tactical plans and then watching them get executed in the field. Things like leapfrog maneuvers, looking for flanks, height advantages, that sort of thing.”

And in keeping with XCOM traditions, the game will feature permanent deaths for agents.

As agents rank up, you customize them. You’re going to get used to them, A couple hours into the game, you make a poor decision in the fight. In any other game, that’d be like ‘oh, something happened.’ In our game, he’s dead. He’s gone. You’re going to have to get a new recruit. He may not be as powerful, but the fight goes on.”

2K Marin also assures us that The Bureau is a single player focused game and will not contain any multiplayer. Instead the game will focus on driving the narrative and creating a good single player experience. 

If you pre-order through select retailers, you will receive a special mission called "Codebreakers." In this "a communications facility responsible for intercepting and interpreting the enemy’s transmissions has gone dark. Special Agent Carter and his squad must make contact with any remaining personnel and investigate the incident."

You can check out the live-action trailer below:

So, are you guys excited for more XCOM?