DUST 514 Releasing On....Yep, May 14th

By   Jimmy Kovalski      Editor-In-Chief   for  Galactic Gaming News    Follow on Twitter  @GGN_Kovalski

By Jimmy Kovalski

Editor-In-Chief for Galactic Gaming News

Follow on Twitter @GGN_Kovalski

CCP, during EVE Fanfest in Iceland, has confirmed today that the much anticipated FPS DUST 514 will release on May 14th (5/14). DUST is a FPS for the Playstation Network that ties directly into EVE Online. It has currently been in beta for quite sometime now and missed it's original release window of last October.

The also announced that the DUST 514 companion app, DUST 514 Neocom will launch on the Vita in the summer.

DUST was originally announced way back in the good ol' days...er I mean, 2009. I know I have been anticipating it quite a bit and can't wait to see what kind of community develops around it.