Call of Duty Teaser Site Goes Live

By   Jimmy Kovalski      Editor-In-Chief   for  Galactic Gaming News    Follow on Twitter  @GGN_Kovalski

By Jimmy Kovalski

Editor-In-Chief for Galactic Gaming News

Follow on Twitter @GGN_Kovalski

Seems Activiosn is gearing up for the pending reveal of the next Call of Duty. If you head on over to the official site, it appears they are teasing something. It is a social mosaic. This picture will fill in by people Facebooking or Tweeting each individual cell.

Only a fraction of the image is complete, but the fine folks over at got their hands on the final image stripped right from the site's source codes.

We have been reporting on hints at what the next Call of Duty is and will report back when we hear more news.