GTFO Asks Questions About A Woman's Role In Gaming

By Trevor Osz

Editor-In-Chief for Spiderduck Network

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This is GTFO, and it's a movie currently on Kickstarter about women in the game industry, and it more specifically focuses on the harassment of women in the game industry. It looks at what I and many others think is a huge problem within the industry. Women are judged for being gamers before they have a chance to prove themselves. Shannon Sun-Higgison wants to not only expose the bad experiences of women in the industry, but also the good experiences. I for one am glad that she wants to look at both sides of the coin, and isn't just making this about how a lot of women are wronged for just being women. In a lot of ways, the game industry is still young, and it needs to grow up. Hopefully, with projects such as this we will continue to see the industry grow. This is one of those hot button issues currently, and there are good reasons for it. I don't think that all women are treated this way, but I also think that a lot of them are unjustly. So, check out the trailer above, and if you think it seems worthwhile then back it. I have personally  backed this project because I think it's an interesting conversation and I would love to hear first hand accounts from women in the industry. We don't get to see a lot of that. If you think this is an interesting conversation then help support this project. 

What do you think about women's roles in the industry? What do you think can help make it better and more equal?