Gigolo Mode Is A Real Thing

By:  Marcus Lawrence   Contributing Writer for  Galactic Gaming News   Follow  @GGNMugen

By: Marcus Lawrence

Contributing Writer for Galactic Gaming News

Follow @GGNMugen

Killer Is Dead... what an odd game it is. Nothing less than what is expected from Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda 51 but each trailer transcends the last's bizarre factor. With a new trailer being released today, we get to see a more... intimate side to executioner Mondo Zappa. Introduced in the trailer are the beautiful "Mondo Girls" Natalia, Scarlett and Koharu.

There are going to be loads of innuendos placed throughout Killer Is Dead but somehow; it works in the game's favor. Probably thanks to the shear madness taking place. The most awkward thing in the trailer is the Gigolo Mode. Yes, Gigolo Mode is actually a real mechanic in the game and works like X-ray vision. With Gigolo Mode activated, Mondo is able to, putting it gently, see what lies beneath the girls' clothing. If this doesn't stir up some kind of incident, one would be impressed.

This game is going to have all the crazy, bloody violence one would find in other Suda 51 titles like Lollipop Chainsaw & No More Heroes; plus the unique cel-shaded graphics he is known for. The trailer below shows off the gorgeous girls, the potentially controversial Gigolo Mode and even more frantic gameplay.  Look for Killer Is Dead sometime this Fall for PS3 and Xbox 360.

I'm being completely honest when I say this but Killer Is Dead goes so far down my alley, it feel like Suda 51 made the game for me. As ridiculous as that sounds, this game has everything I could imagine. Crazy anime-esque story? Check. Bloody, palm sweating action? Check. Beautiful women? Triple check. The only thing missing is a gigantic robot but I wouldn't be surprised if that somehow got put in. I'll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for Killer Is Dead.