New Details Regarding Pokemon X & Y

By:  Marcus Lawrence   Contributing Writer for  Galactic Gaming News   Follow  @GGNMugen

By: Marcus Lawrence

Contributing Writer for Galactic Gaming News

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Following a feature in Japanese magazine CoroCoro, we now have additional details about Pokemon X & Y including the game's location. To start, this Pokemon title takes place in an alternative version of France called Karos. Just like France has Paris, Karos' alternative city is dubbed Miare City. The information about Pokemon's location is thanks to Serebii's scans. Click on the link to take a peek.

In X & Y, players can customize their trainers appearance slightly by changing hair and skin color; adding a bit of uniqueness to each trainer. One of the screenshots show a trainer riding the new Pokemon called Gogoat, a grass-type who looks like a ram with some kind of grass draping around its body.  In addition to Gogoat, three other Pokemon were shown off in the scans:

  • Yayakoma- A tiny little bird Pokemon (most likely flying-type)
  • Erikteru- The lizard with floppy ears (electric/normal type)
  • Yancham- Some panda looking creature (fighting-type naughty Pokemon)

In case you somehow managed to miss the announcement trailer from months ago, click on the video above. Pokemon X & Y isn't too far off in the distance, so there's a very good chance more details will be presented at E3.

I plan on, finally, buying a 3DS for Pokemon X & Y. Sure, there are other great titles out but no game has made me want to give into buying one. The game definitely looks great and looks even better in motion. With the release date being sometime in October, I can only hope it falls around my birthday because that would be my present to myself.

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