RUMOR: Tales of Symphonia HD Remastered

By:  Marcus Lawrence   Contributing Writer for  Galactic Gaming News   Follow  @GGNMugen

By: Marcus Lawrence

Contributing Writer for Galactic Gaming News

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The Tales of series has been quite successful in the West especially for those it pertains to. Out of all 15+ games, Tales of Symphonia is probably the most successful here in the West which is fantastic all things considering. Having been released originally for the Gamecube 10 years ago, the West might finally be able to revisit Symphonia or enjoy it for the first time on PS3.

The first in the series to use 3D visuals

The first in the series to use 3D visuals

During an interview that took place at Euromanga 2013, Hideo Baba released some details which supports the idea for a PS3 HD remastered Tales of Symphonia. The series' producer hinted at Tales of Symphonia making a return sometime in the future and if it were to happen; the game would definitely arrive in the West. Some sources are claiming this remastered title will be called Tales of Symphonia: Perfect Edition and comes with the original game, plus it's sequel Dawn of The New World. The sequel was released about five years ago on the Wii.

Both games were very successful here in the West, so it's not shocking to hear about a HD remaster on the way. To have both the original and sequel together on a disk is amazing and will surely make fans happy. Also, Baba seemingly confirmed Tales of Xillia II to be released in the West as well; a good day for Tales of fans indeed. The news should also be taking with a grain of salt because without any official news or access to the interview recording; this could all be speculation at best. As of now, it would be smart to file this under rumor until otherwise stated.

My very first Tales of game was in fact Tales of Symphonia! So if this rumor does turn out to be correct, I'll be jumping for joy and doing cartwheels. Symphonia was one of three reasons why I bothered playing my brother's Gamecube and to hear it may finally be available on a console I own is just amazing. Oh and I've never gotten a chance to play Tales of Xillia yet but I would love for the opportunity.