David Jaffe Joins Pixelbionic for AutoDuel

David Jaffe has joined indie developer Pixelbionic to help create AutoDuel. AutoDuel is a car-combat game set in a post-apocalyptic world where "warriors drive to survive in their tricked-out, heavily armed vehicles scavenged from the blistered landscape, armed with a deadly array of lethal weaponry."

Jaffe will be creative advisor on the game that Pixelbionic describes as “a PC online multiplayer game which pays homage to epic car combat games of the past.”


The game “features team-based combat in a variety of open arenas from abandoned cities to dried-up riverbeds. Players choose from over twenty unique cars which are divided into three warring factions - the Ratters, the Scavengers and the Techies. The cars can all receive a wide variety of upgrades, from mechanical modifications to the drive-train and suspension, to a broad array of powerful weapons and protective armor which can be bolted onto the vehicles. Additionally, players can extensively customize the paintwork and add decals in order to show their allegiance and express their unique style.”

Jaffe stated: “I was super excited when I heard Pixelbionic’s vision for Autoduel. As a huge fan of the genre, I’m really looking forward to contributing to the game’s vision and design goals.”

AutoDuel will be seeking crowd-funding and it will start-up soon. Pixelbionic will also have more announcements regarding the game soon. We will keep you posted.