New Nintendo Direct About Wii U and 3DS Scheduled Tomorrow

Tomorrow at 10 a.m EDT/ 7 a.m PDT, Nintendo will hold a briefing discussing future 3DS and Wii U games. The Nintendo Direct will provide the details surrounding the upcoming Wii U and 3DS games scheduled to make appearances this summer and to unveil Wii U titles arriving in the fall and beyond that.

We know a brand new Mario for the Wii U is rumored to launch sometime in October. On top of that, new Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros. and Legend of Zelda titles are being developed for Nintendo's console. With any luck, we'll hear about some of those games tomorrow.

I certainly haven't been the biggest fan of Nintendo lately but even I'm excited for a new Zelda title. I don't have a 3DS yet but with all the amazing games coming out on that handheld, I see a purchase coming in the near future.