What Exactly Is Panopticon?

I don't mean Jeremy Bentham's alternative outlook on the traditional prison system either. Earlier today, Sony showed off a teaser trailer for their mysterious new game Panopticon and boy does it look extremely interesting. Other than the name and developer Japan Studio, we know next to nothing about what Panopticon could be or if it even will come to the states.

Based off what Panopticon stands for and the trailer, we're looking at a game which takes place in a science fiction future universe where citizens are constitanly being surveyed without them knowing. At best, Panopticon is an enigma but one that could possibly offer loads of entertainment. Watch the trailer and see exactly what Panopticon is or isn't.

For a game being teased in Japan, it's funny that the big reveal falls on the same day as the Xbox Event on the horizon. One thing we can all agree on is this: The world must wait to find out what Panopticon has in store.

Hands down all around, that trailer looked so awesome. I easily get drawn into games with this kind of vibe and the visuals makes it that much harder to look away. What is Panopticon and can I be so lucky as to have it be released in the states?