[UPDATE] Kevin Conroy confirmed as voice of Batman in Arkham Origins

Kevin Conroy recently did a Q&A at the Dallas Comic Con, and he revealed that he will indeed be the voice for Batman in Arkham Origins despite previous rumors. The game is due out this October. You can check out his full Q&A below:


The highly anticipated batman prequel, due out this holiday season, has just announced that two high profile voice actors within the video game community will be bringing their talents to the signature characters in the batman universe.

Roger Craig Smith, who will be voicing the famed caped crusader himself, is more commonly known for being the voice actor for Ezio Auditore in Ubisoft's blockbuster Assassins Creed II trilogy. Smith has also done work voicing various Marvel superhero's in their animated forms, bringing life to characters such as Captain America and the Human Torch.

Troy Baker will be bringing his take to Batman's most famous villain, the Joker. Baker will be attempting to reestablish the Clown Prince of Crime's persona after his most recognizable voice actor, Mark Hamill, retired after his iconic performance in 2011's Arkham City. Troy Baker is no stranger to the Batman universe, though. He voiced both Robin and Two Face back in Arkham City, and he is just recently off of lending the voice to Bioshock Infinite's main character, Booker Dewitt. 

While Kevin Conroy will not be reprising his role as the Dark Knight, he still has some role to play in Batman: Arkham Origins--though it is unclear at this time what his role will be. 

Source: Joystiq.com