Incoming DLC for Metro: Last Light

For those who enjoyed 4A's recent post-apocalyptic thriller Metro: Last Light, you can look forward to future game extending content that will allow you to revisit the ruins of Russia's underground this summer.

While Artyom's story may be complete, you can expect to enjoy four new single player experiences through the eyes of other survivors. 4A expects to release four individual content packs:

"The "Factions Pack" and "Chronicles Pack" both focus on new and original single player gameplay and stories, which expand upon the Metro universe.

- The "Tower Pack" will present a unique solo challenge to Metro veterans old and new.

- The "Developer Pack" will give creative players some interesting tools from the minds of the developers, with which to explore the world of Metro."

These content packs will be available to purchase individually, and will be available to anyone who subscribes to Last Light's season pass for $14.99.