Ryse from Crytek confirmed for Xbox One

It has been announced via Crytek's Official Website (discovered by NeoGAF) that Crytek is still working on Ryse and that it will be coming out for Xbox One for Kinect. They announced Ryse at E3 a few years ago showing off a tech demo of what you could expect from the game. It is a first-person action game where you play as a roman soldier and fought use your own motions through the Kinect. The website does say that the game has "controller based gameplay enhance by Kinect," so it may be a bit different than the game they had originally shown. Crytek said they would have more info at E3.

Ryse certainly seemed like an interesting concept when it was announced and I brought it up on the most recent GGN Podcast, so I am excited to see what Crytek have been working on. I'm hoping it looks as fun and interesting as it did a few years ago.