Panopticon Is Freedom Wars

The same day Microsoft revealed the Xbox One, Sony's Japan Studio offered more insight to the mysterious Panopticon. In fact, the real name of the game is Freedom Wars and has been coined as a multiplayer action game exclusive to Vita. Along with details, a new trailer expanded on the original teaser; offering more context. "Panopticon seems to be the region Freedom Wars takes place in, a totalitarian dystopia in the future. The world is devastated by dwindling resources and zero population growth - maybe because hundreds of millions are dying in war."

The screenshots above show the cooperative play involved in Freedom Wars and it certainly looks pretty too. Thanks to NeoGAF for translating the press release information, we know Freedom Wars can be played with up to 8 players including co-op and competitive modes. "Freedom Wars is a brand new game which aims to offer a new gaming experience in the popular multiplayer action genre by taking advantage of the PS Vita's unique functions. The player is a criminal in a post-apocalyptic near future, sentenced to a million years of hard labor, fighting for his freedom. By completing missions where you rescue civilians and allies who have been captured by huge enemies known as Abductors, you can reduce your sentence. The game supports a maximum of 8 players at a time in both co-op and competitive modes, and supports Adhoc and Wi-Fi Online functions so players all over the country can play together. The game will also support the GPS and Near capabilities of the PS Vita to enhance the gameplay experience."

Still, much of Freedom Wars remains a secret like when will it release and is it a Japan-only exclusive? According to the Freedom Wars' website, more details are on the way later this month.

As excited as I am for Freedom Wars, I wish it wasn't a Vita exclusive. I still don't have one yet and I can't say I want one at the moment. Not enough games for me to willingly purchase a handheld, which I may not even use. If Freedom Wars impresses me enough, I'll just have to bite the $250 bullet.