Xbox One will not restrict used games, still needs internet

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the Xbox One's features in regards to restricting the use of used games and the likelihood of a mandatory internet connection to use the console. Well, Polygon is reporting that "sources familiar with the system" state that there will not be any sort of activation fee for gamers who choose to purchase used games for the system. This is good news for gamers who are used to purchasing second hand games from retailers like GameStop, though it is probably not the last we've heard on this issue.

Also, in news that will probably not please gamers as much, there will still be some sort of online authentication process that owners of the Xbox One will need to do periodically. It seems that Microsoft has quite settled on exactly how long between check-ins gamers will have to play offline, but they do seem firm that this feature will ship with the console.

Microsoft has stated that they are experimenting with "special exemption codes," that would be available to people who live in internet free areas and for our military servicemen overseas without consistent internet.

All of this is likely to have conflicting stories arise in the coming weeks. E3 should provide more specific entries and give us more concrete answers than the snippets that have been leaking out since the Xbox One's disastrous press conference.