What is Hellraid? Techland provides some answers

Techland has released a slew of new information today about their upcoming zombie game Hellraid and it sounds pretty interesting. Before today, we hadn't heard a lot about the game except that it was in development and it looked to be a first-person action game set in medieval times starring zombies. That sentence right there may already have you sold on the game, but it seems there is a lot more to it. 

Hellraid is a first-person co-op slasher, which is a genre that Techland has invented which blends classic hack and slash gameplay with more advanced combat based on timing and precision, role playing games, shooters, and multiplayer games all into one unique experience. Hellraid is both a single player and cooperative game and both have different experiences. Solo play allows you to explore the world, complete quests, gather loot, and develop your character. Co-operative play adds a lot of tension as you will have to complete mission goals while simultaneously competing with your friends for points obtained through kills, team-plays, and auto-generated challenges throughout the game. 

In Hellraid you'll have a world of connected levels at your fingertips as you can travel between them through a web of portals. Each level can be played as many times as you desire to complete the story, side quests, and beat down the forces of evil with your friends while competing with them on the leaderboards. You will have a variety of melee, ranged, and magical weapons at your disposal. During combat, you will also have access to different unique skills based on your character class which will add a lot of strategy to your team dynamic. The levels will be littered with various treasures, objectives, deadly traps, enemies, and boss battles to keep you and your team on your toes. 

Hellraid brings with it four character classes which will be very familiar to those of us who play a lot of fantasy RPGs: The Warrior, The Mage, The Paladin, and The Rogue. Each will have their own skill tree with which you can devise different strategies based on your situation. Players will also be able to customize their weaponry using the the advanced crafting system or change their abilities and appearance based on armor found in shops, looting, or trading between allies. 

This brings us to one of the coolest features to come to the game. It will include the Game Master system which will allow you to alter your experience throughout Hellraid making it a completely new one every time you play. The mode is inspired by pen and paper role playing games and will work in both single player and cooperative modes. In cooperative, you can select competitive challenges for players that will reward the best one at the end of each level as well as completely change quest placement, number and types of enemies you encounter , and when treasure chests and loot is deployed. You can do these in the single player game as well with the exception of the challenges against other players.

Hellraid is shaping up to be a new and interesting experience. You will be able to check out the game in 2013 on the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3!