Pacific Rim Getting The Game Treatment?

By:  Marcus Lawrence   Contributing Writer for  Galactic Gaming News   Follow  @GGNMugen

By: Marcus Lawrence

Contributing Writer for Galactic Gaming News

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Pacific Rim... a movie that's sure to turn a lot of heads. Anime fans (especially mecha ones) will get a real kick out of this movie too. Directed by Guillermo Del Toro, Pacific Rim is about when gigantic sized monsters show up and start attacking humanity. We're talking Godzilla sized creatures and probably bigger here people. With this threat hanging over humanity's head, what do we do? Create massively sized robots to put the hurt on the monsters and hopefully the video game adaption will capture that same essence. 

OMG! We're getting a game!!!

OMG! We're getting a game!!!

That's right; the monster brawling movie seems to have a game tie-in on the way as well. Spotted on the Australian Classification Board, it seems Pacific Rim is getting sized up for a game rating. The information comes from VG247, so thanks to you guys/ladies. Apparently, the game will be on multiple platforms as far as current-gen is concerned. An M rating has also been giving to Pacific Rim, so it's pretty much a guarantee that the battles will get a bit messy. Plus, there seems to be some kind of  online element as well; maybe a co-op campaign or versus mode? Regardless of what the game's details, a lot of evidence points to Pacific Rim being some kind of fighting game or brawler. WWE developer Yukes is behind the publishing and developing for Pacific Rim. On top of all that, do you really see this game being some kind of racer?

The details are very scarce right now but at the very least, you can catch Pacific Rim on the silver screen on July 12th.

As an anime fan myself and lover of huge action battles, I'm thrilled as punch to see Pacific Rim when it comes out. Day one, I'll be in the theater enjoying the greatness of Del Toro's film. A game definitely sounds like the right idea because it could be truly amazing if done correctly. I'm a bit worried about the developer/publisher Yukes because they haven't exactly lead WWE to victory. We'll have to what happens in the future.