Doritos Crash Course 2 is a thing, and you get it free tomorrow!

This is obviously the sequel that we've been itching to see as Doritos Crash Course 2 will make it's way to the Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow for a whopping 0 Microsoft Points. You will be able to send your avatar on the crash course of their lives when you enter them into this platforming extravaganza. It comes with four player co-op and you really can't go wrong with its asking price of free. Achievement whores get ready to foster some free achievements out of this one. We have some screenshots to show you as well!

Did we really need another Doritos games? Probably not, but at least they're not asking us to buy the game or a bag of Doritos to play it. You can't go wrong with a free game, and no one is forcing you to play it. However, I can't help but think this might be a game Geoff Keighley could get behind.