Gamers asked, Microsoft listened


I’m excited now, I don’t know about you. Microsoft delivered on what gamers have been complaining about since their May 21st press conference. GAMES, we finally got the games. Some were impressive as hell, some not so much.

Microsoft seems to be trying to make their Live service more customer friendly in anticipation of their November launch by leaning more towards the PlayStation Network way of doing things. Gold members are going to get access to 2 free complete games every month. They are also changing away from their frustrating to use Microsoft Points system and allowing gamers to make purchases with actual cash values. These two features have been a long time coming and I can’t wait for their implementation.

Microsoft delivered in full force on the games front. Microsoft showed off 15 exclusive titles, some we knew about and some we didn't. Even though there wasn't any gameplay footage, I’m excited to see what Insomniac’s new IP, Sunset Overdrive. It looked like some sort of parkour stylized zombie shooter. I don’t even know if that is an apt description, but I thought it looked amazing.


The internet seems to be blowing up over Titanfall and Ryse but I can’t help but be underwhelmed by what I saw. Titanfall just looked brown. Brown is the only adjective that I can use to describe it. I guess it is supposed to be a futuristic take on the Call of Duty style of games (it is being made by the former Infinity Ward guys). Ryse looked like a Kinect game that was ported to a controller at the last minute. Stylized hack and slash combat culminating in quick time events. Really? More QTEs? Can we as an industry get away from quick time events, please? They are lazy gameplay mechanics that only highlight the things you can’t actually do yourself.  

All in all, Microsoft showed off 15 exclusive titles, as well as trailers from other third party content. Gamers said they wanted to see games and Microsoft listened. Now it’s time to go see what new memes this conference spawned!