Ubisoft...The Fastest Way To Learn Guitar

It all began with a guitar solo... and went downhill from there with occasional boosts peaking my interests. Ubisoft announced Rocksmith 2014 Edition in which they claim is the "fastest way to learn guitar". They could be right but I will never know because music games have never really been my forte. Moving on from Rocksmith, we moved to a game I've been keeping my eye on and that game is  Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Unfortunately, not much gameplay was shown as it was mixed in with the trailer being shown. As of right now, Blacklist will still be arriving sometime in August and like many of you; I'm pretty excited for Spies Vs. Mercs.


So around this time, my spirits were still quite high and hopefully that Ubisoft wouldn't let me down. I'm not the biggest fan of Rayman, so when   Rayman Legends appeared on the screen I felt my hopes drop a little. Don't get me wrong; the game looks great from what was shown but I couldn't possible get into this since I haven't ever liked Rayman. Have you ever wanted to steal from others and then protect your loot from thieves? For those that answered yes,  The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot could be your game. This new hack and slash PC title has you building your fort in order to protect the loot within and eventually going out to other players' castles to try and rob them. I found it pretty funny that players could even leave comments on other profiles; which could lead to a huge competitive field. To sign up for the Beta, go to themightyquest.com and enlist.

 THQ may be gone but South Park: The Stick of Truth isn't! A trailer was shown off and I keep thinking I'm watching the TV show when I see the game in action. Nothing was really shown off but gamers and South Park fans can expect it this holiday season. My interest level at this point starts to diminish but then the host announces it is time to talk next-gen. My eyes widen, I lean forward to make sure I don't miss a thing and I wasn't disappointed. The Crew is based heavily on online co-op and competition but can also be played solo. As an open-world racing game, The Crew is quite ambitious and I hope the game works out; it looked great from the gameplay footage. Expect it early 2014 for next-gen consoles.


WATCH DOGS!!! They showed the previously leaked trailer... and that was it. Feeling completely bummed out, the next game didn't really help. Just Dance 2014  (we all saw this coming) premiered itself and I couldn't care less. To make this even WORSE is the debut of Rabbids Invasion, an interactive TV show to be played on the Xbox One. This "game" seems to be focused towards the younger generation and they can have it.

Ubisoft's press conference needless to say, has me bored. Even Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag  couldn't do much to improve my outlook at this point. Not that it could because I am one of the many people that believe Assassin's Creed should just end already. Two new Trials games were announced for different platforms. Trials Fusion can be played on PS3, PS4, 360 and Xbox One, while Trials Frontier is a mobile title.

The final game to be shown off actually stopped me from snoring... Tom Clancy's The Division. This open-world RPG third-person shooter has an interesting look about it; almost like a survivalist environment set in New York. I found the visuals to be impressive and I look forward to playing this game with friends since co-op seems to be a big focus.  The Division is a next-gen exclusive for PS4 and Xbox One. With this, the Ubisoft conference came to a close and I was just happy I managed to stay awake.