Kingdom Hearts 3: The King Has Returned and I'm Pumped

At Sony's press conference for this year's E3 no one knew for certain what was about to happen nor were we ready for it. I was just relaxing in my chair swearing up and down about how much better Sony's conference was than Microsoft. Little did I know what was about to occur and how it would set the internet ablaze. Square Enix's name got mentioned and my heart stopped; I leaned close to my laptop and pumped the volume to max settings. Could it be? Could the one game we've all been waiting so desperately for, finally, be arriving? Kingdom Hearts 3 appeared on the screen, showing off a beautifully rendered HD Sora. The clip only lasted for about a minute...cue the crying men and the singing angels.  Many of us have been watching on this game for what feels like an eternity but the fateful day is closing in.

Sora against Shan Yu in KH2  

Sora against Shan Yu in KH2 

When Kingdom Hearts first came out in 2002, I was in middle school and still enchanted by Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon and stuff of that nature. Reading through a Game Informer magazine brought Kingdom Hearts to my attention and I was thrilled! Sure it had Disney characters but Final Fantasy characters also made appearances and, from what I read, the action was sure to be engaging and entertaining. So the next day I went to school, I brought my magazine with me, and showed it to my friends. Except for one, no one really cared because "it seems childish to me." As much as me and my friend tried to explain how Kingdom Hearts looked as if it would be a really great game, they wouldn't listen. Skip ahead 6 months after the release for Kingdom Hearts and everyone was clamoring for the inevitable sequel. Even the naysayers loved the game, proving that looks can be deceiving. I personally don't think anyone foresaw Kingdom Hearts growing to the size it is today. With about 7 main games (4 of them re-released), some of us now look forward to Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix to refresh our memories on what happened. I am among those that haven't played a Kingdom Hearts game in what feels like years. Needless to say, I need some catching up to do in Kingdom Hearts 101.



Playing through the Kingdom Hearts story again will definitely take some time seeing how each game can take 20+ hours to beat. You must also take into account the multiple side quests to be done, finding ultimate weapons, and so on. What really draws me into these games is how they are able to maintain a serious tone amongst childhood heroes/heroines. Teaming up with Donald, Goofy and other iconic Disney characters doesn't exactly scream out "manly," but even the most hardcore of gamers can find enjoyment. This could be related to the Final Fantasy characters also scattered throughout the stars. The first time I ran into Leon, Aerith, and even Yuffie, I smiled and told myself that this game was awesome. Let's not forget the first time players got to fight Cloud and Sephiroth during the Olympus tournaments. I spent about 2 weeks devising a way to finally beat the one-winged angel then another week to actually win! My point being that Square Enix teaming up with Disney was an odd partnership but actually turned out to be one of the greatest team ups of all time. Just look at how many people are excited for the third main installment.

Imagine a list for most anticipated game sequel of all time and you would probably find Kingdom Hearts 3 high on the list, followed closely by Half Life 3 behind it. It's going to be well over a decade between Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3 by the time it arrives on the PS4 and Xbox One; I know many will get it day one. If there is a midnight release, you can bet people will show up for it in abundance. We finally get a close to the "Dark Seeker" chapter and I couldn't be more happy than I am now. My main reason for not playing the new installments was because I became fed up with re-releases and side stories; I just wanted to know how it all would end. I've gone through junior high school, high school, and most of college -- still the Kingdom Hearts series has yet to reach its climax. Of course, I know the third game is just the end of the current saga, which makes me even more excited for whatever the men and women at Square Enix come up with next. It might be a long wait till we see the new game, but I am ready for it!