Nintendo's expectant titles shown, but is that it?

Even though Nintendo hasn’t shown anything anybody didn’t expect, what they did have showed a lot of promise. The surprises lied in the what was thought to be expected. Nothing original was shown, but at least Nintendo accentuated their exclusively new material. While the other presenters had a segment for even multi-platform games featured on their console, Nintendo simply had a short reel for most third-party titles, even one or two that were exclusive to Wii U. Without any silly skits or antics, their performance was streamlined; Nintendo literally meant business. 


Starting off with Pokémon and Mario speaks to this sentiment, as they are the most profitable of any video game franchise. With Pokémon Amie being the most distinguished new feature, it really sells what raising monster pets should be about. Hopefully this will broaden the horizons of how the world of Pokémon works, as well as innovate the metagame itself.       

Super Mario 3D World is easily the least fresh title showcased. It seems that 3D Mario games may perhaps become less ambitious and water-downed similar to the New Super Mario Bros. series. The addition of four-player co-op really speaks to parallels between the DS and Wii 2D Mario entries. Keeping in mind that 4-player 3D Mario is groundbreaking, this game is not without its features. New characters will be featured, and Princess Peach is finally playable in any mainstream Mario game. Without a damsel in distress, this raises the question of exactly what moldbreaking story might be told in the world of Mario.

On the flip side, Mario Kart 8, with a numbered title contextually appropriate, looks like a culmination of all the recent features of previous installments with even more. Taking how racing on different surfaces with different vehicles to its ultimate conclusion, racers can drive on any surface with yet another alteration to their vehicle. As how an 8 looks on its side, the possibilities are infinite. It is also without a doubt, graphically the best looking Nintendo game on the Wii U.

Speaking of good-looking games, Zelda Wind Waker HD manages to maintain the cel-shaded look as if the lighting was still somewhat realistic. The new features seem few and far between, but with the ability to increase the speed of the sailing, there is already refinement in the gameplay experience.


Retro’s secret project is Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Split into two teams, Retro has decided to make a sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns instead of another Metroid. Similar to the Kremlings, a new set of belligerent animals sieges on the Kongs. This was appropriately hyped up by Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, even though Nintendo considers it their surprise.

Absent in showing gameplay since its reveal was Bayonetta 2. It was expectedly over-the-top and will definitely offer what fans of the first game want. Nintendo’s decision to make it exclusive seems to be paying off in the end. Another game that shows off the Wii U’s technical capabilities is X by Monolith Soft. It offers playing in an open world within a giant robot with RPG elements, which, similar to Bayonetta 2, speaks to empowerment for the player. It seems that games like Titanfall might have been a reaction to this, even if it was subconscious.


Saving the best for last was the new Super Smash Bros., tentatively titled “Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS.” Decidedly more lighthearted than Brawl’s introduction, this installment introduces sillier combatants and a less mature-themed third party participant. The art style is also brighter and takes advantage of the HD to show off vibrant colors, similar to Mario Kart 8. Thought was put into making each version viable, such as outlining the characters in the 3DS version, as well as making each stage relevant to each console in terms of games. Sakurai planning to post in Mii Verse five times a week will build up hype, but it is unknown if it will completely replace a Smash Dojo, since the already established website doesn't seem as comprehensive.