Killer Is Dead Because Death Is Killer

Want to know something only a very small percentage of gamers would actually agree with? Killer Is Dead has a VERY good chance to be my GOTY choice. This may seem like blasphemy considering many are already calling The Last of Us the winner of the year. Now, I've played The Last Of Us so I know how great of a job Naughty Dog did with this title but I just need something more... something that gets my blood rushing and looking damn good when it does it! Suda 51's latest creation Killer Is Dead, caught my eye because simply put: it's pretty hard to miss. The visuals alone make the game stand out among the crowd with its crisp anime style and it doesn't stop there. Killer Is Dead looks like it features some of the craziest hack and slash action I've seen since watching Devil May Cry 3 gameplay for the first time. I've narrowed down my desire for Killer Is Dead to four main points:

  1.  Over-the-top action ( like anime action i.e  Asura's Wrath)
  2. Anime visuals  ( Did you not know I liked anime)
  3. Tons of blood  ( To destroy one's enemies and see them leak blood... great stuff)
  4. Women... gorgeous women  ( I won't be ogling them but I appreciate the Mondo Girls)

Reason # 1:

Intense, crazy action seem so to be the focus and looks to provide a hectic time on the battlefield. In a good way of course; Executioner Mondo (protagonist) carves a bloody swath through the hordes of enemies while looking good in the process. If it's one thing I like about most hack and slash titles, it's this: The ability to slay hundreds of foes and utilizing style while doing so. With the anime cel-shaded art style achieved here and combos that can be chained together for devasting effects, Killer Is Dead no doubt looks good in motion.

Reason # 2

The anime visuals alone basically hooked me. Ever since my uncle showed me The Guyver when I was 6, I became hooked on "cartoons". That's what I thought they were at the time; took me a couple of years to learn the correct term is anime. Dragonball Z, Tenchi Muyo, Princess Mononoke, Yu Yu Hakusho and much more, all became a part of my childhood. Something I can never forget about my past and if I''m lucky enough, maybe I can pass that knowledge onto my children when they are ready.

Reason # 3:

All this blood spillage reminds me of the Ninja Gaiden series. Cut off a foe's arm, blood erupts. Take his head off, blood spills out like a fountain. I'm not some kind of blood fiend or anything like that but for games such as these, it all seems quite...normal. Can't expect a person to cut through someone (something) without expecting some kind of blood release. Reason # 3 also plays into numbers 1&2 because the action demands blood to be spilled and most of the animes I watch have blood content. As the cliche goes: "There's a time and place for everything". 

Reason # 4 *The Big One*

I like attractive women. Be it real women or even fictional females; I'm a sucker for a cute face. My friends know this and I'm okay with this. I act like a gentlemen as well because I know how to appreciate the company of pretty lady. That being said, I do find the Mondo girls to be stunning. Female or male, I'm sure gamers have found characters they become attracted to. Not like this is a problem; there's a certain... appeal to fictional characters. Hopefully, the game keeps it sort of classy but I won't be holding my breath. With a mechanic called "Gigolo mode" in place, I can't see how it could be classy but I have been known to be wrong before.

Standoff in the Moonlight  

Standoff in the Moonlight 

Killer Is Dead should be arriving in stores on August 27th of this year. It's almost hard to pinpoint exactly when my taste in games changed. I honestly believe I've always liked these types of games but could never admit to how much when people swore up and down that Call of Duty and games like it were pieces of heavenly toast. I could care less anymore because these types of games need the attention and the spotlight because, at least on a creative level they are much better than the standard AAA title. How many times are we going to play the same cookie cutter FPS or third-person action adventure before we as gamers say enough? The thing I like about Suda 51 is all of his ideas are as unique as the last. Shadows of the Damned  and No More Heroes do justice for the department of weird games and it doesn't stop there. Each of these titles designed from Suda 51 all have the air of "Cult Hit" about them but the sad reality is each of them could be so much more. Shadow of the Damned for instance... a game which received great scores from many publications but didn't hit the sales figures it should have. Why? Well, marketing definitely played a big part because I don't remember ever seeing a commercial for the game and because (I believe anyway) it wasn't popular.

Nice Polka Dots Shirt  

Nice Polka Dots Shirt 

With gaming giants like Ubisoft, Activision and EA pumping out these massive titles for consoles ( Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Call of Duty etc.), where does that leave room for games which aren't heavy hitters? Prime example would be Capcom's latest IP titled Remember Me and how the game doesn't seem to be hitting the numbers it should be reaching. This could be a result of many publications giving the game mixed scores. As such, the public takes this as a sign and chooses not to buy it. However, that is just my outlook on things and may not necessarily be what occurs. Getting back to my main point, I fear Killer Is Dead won't reach a mainstream audience because many will turn away from the weirdness Goichi Suda instills within the game and its mechanics. Me being the weird guy I am, I enjoy these quirky games with No More Heroes being my favorite to date but I can quickly see  Killer Is Dead taking over the mantel. My only fear concerning the game is if the experience becomes tarnished by a lack of decent gameplay mechanics. So far, everything looks to be in place (story, atmosphere etc.) but the one unknown factor is how the game will feel to gamers. It could have all the style of a model on the runway but if controls don't match what we see on the screen it could equate to a big problem.

Any decent hack and slash title can't have iffy controls to compliment the action or you're bound to have a rough time. Judging from past games developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, my fear for terrible controls is unwarranted.  Killer Is Dead hits stores on August 27th of this year and you can bet I'll have my hands on it day one.

Killer is Dead