Top 5 Big Brother Players

Well, we are about to kick off a new season of Big Brother tonight, and I have to admit that the show is one of my guilty pleasures. The show has a lot underneath the surface, and it's a very strategic game. This is what keeps me watching as I love seeing the different ways people try to play the game, and each player does it in unique ways. I don't normally watch reality television, but Big Brother is one of my few exceptions. Without further ado, I am going to take a look at my five favorite Big Brother players. 

5. Britney Haynes (Seasons 12 and 14) 

Britney is easily one of the most entertaining players to watch. She speaks her mind a lot and it's hard to not laugh from her diary room sessions. This isn't always the best gameplay strategy, but she does seem to do a good job of aligning herself with the right players.  However, she doesn't win the competitions when she really needs to and this leads to her becoming expendable to her alliances. She isn't one of the best players in the Big Brother house but she is one of if not THE most entertaining to watch. Her diary room sessions are amazing, and it's hard not to enjoy watching her. 


4. Ian Terry (Season 14) 

Ian is a huge nerd which makes him extremely relatable to me, and that was one of the biggest reasons I wanted him to win Big Brother 14 (which he did). He was also a huge nerd for Big Brother and went into that house with a ton of knowledge. He knew how to use the returning coaches to his advantage and also knew when to take one for the house (when he would take punishments such as the dog costume or eating slop when others didn't want to). It helped to cement him into a comfortable position for most of the game. He also picked his alliances well, and flew under the radar when needed while also winning important competitions. Quack Quack!

3. Danielle Reyes (Seasons 3 and 7) 

How can you talk about being robbed in Big Brother without talking about Danielle from Season 3? She was the runner up, and no doubt deserved to win more than Lisa. She just played the better game all around. She had her secret alliance with Jason that took her to the end of the game, and NO ONE figured it out! It was a great strategy, but unfortunately she ended up with more blood on her hands. If the jury would have voted in terms of game play, there is no way she would have lost to Lisa. Lisa pretty much stayed out of the spotlight, and tried to lay low the whole time. Even after her "showmance" Eric was voted out of the house and she promised us in the diary room that she would be coming back with a vengeance. Less vengeance, and more of a whimper. Danielle was a great villain and that cost her in the eyes of the jury, but she should have won Season 3.

2. Dick Donato (Seasons 8 and 13) 

Evel Dick was....well.....a dick! Most of the house guests wanted this guy out at one point or another yet he went on to win the game. He did this with a great strategy; not only was he a jerk when he needed to be (at times he did this to help his daughter, Daniele), but he was also a very honest guy. It was brutal honesty, but people knew where he stood a lot of the time. He and Daniele also won competitions when they needed to, which cemented them to the very end. There is no doubt in my mind that he deserved to win, and was the best at playing the game and using the other house guests' emotions to his advantage. He did it in a dirty way, but who doesn't get some dirt on their hands when going for half a million dollars? Dick was a very easy guy to hate, but it also made you want to watch what he was going to do THAT much more. 

1. Dan Gheesling (Season 10 and 14) 

I just really have to say that Dan is a genius when it comes to Big Brother. Not only is he incredibly likable, but his strategies are both out of the box and incredibly well thought out. I mean, how can this guy not win after his "funeral" last year? It was incredible, and completely different from the way he won Big Brother 10. He played a much dirtier game in Season 14, but that's because he had to. If he wanted to have a viable strategy for a second go in the house, he needed to do somethings differently and it worked like a charm. He also had two alliances to take him to the end in Danielle (which was a well known one) and Ian (which no one knew about), so when it came down to the Final 3 there was no way that Dan wouldn't be sitting there for finale night. It was one of the toughest finales to call last year when it came down to him and Ian, because both of those guys played incredibly well though in completely different ways. 

Well, those are my personal Top 5 Big Brother players. I wonder if we'll see someone this season that will unseat one of these guys. It's definitely going to be tough for any of them to come close. If you're a fan, who are some of your favorite players?