What is the Spiderduck?

Hello readers, 

I am Trevor Osz, the Editor-in-Chief for this fine establishment. Thank you for reading, and checking out our stuff. If you've been here before, we definitely appreciate you returning to see what we're up to. If you're new to this, thank you for checking this place out and I hope we can keep you coming back. So, I'm going to talk about a few things and answer some questions here today as we have evolved a bit, and will continue to do so as we feel we need to. 

Firstly, let's talk about Spiderduck which is the side of the site where you'll see a primary focus on big mainstream game releases. (We will also dabble in pop culture when something strikes our fancies for extra flavor.) That is what we'll talk about most of the time. As you can see in the last few weeks, we have been posting less and this is intentional. This is part of the reason we have decided to retire the GGN name as we will no longer cover straight-up gaming news. We just don't feel we need to. If you want game news, you're probably already going to a bunch of great sites who are established and you trust. We trust these sites too, and they provide a great amount of content for those that look for that. I personally recommend Joystiq, because there are a lot of great writers over there for both news and everything else they do. 

We do, however, just want to try new things and we fully expect that some of those will fail but we also hope that some of those will provide you with something new and interesting to check out on a weekly basis. So, I'm going to break the fourth wall of the website with you guys a little bit. Here are our plans for the site as of right now:

    1. Provide consistent original content - We don't want to sit here and post news so that we can get a bunch of meaningless hits to inflate our numbers. We want our hits to mean something, and for people to actually read the stuff we write instead of bouncing in to see that new Call Of Duty announcement and then bouncing right back out. We want you to get to know us, and we want you to see our creativity. There are a great group of guys here that are chomping at the bits to bring you new stuff and talk about things in their own unique ways. 
    2. Do something new that will take us outside the box - We have a bunch of ideas for upcoming content. We have a few things in the pipeline. One of the things we have discussed will be our upcoming "Listen to this Article" feature in our posts. (Look at the top of this one, even!) We'll be adding an audio file to most of the things we post so that if you're not in the mood to read something we've written then you can take a listen (we will also make this available via RSS and iTunes so you can subscribe). I'm hoping we can bring you some great stuff in the smooth dulcet tones of those such as Barry White or that serial killer from Silence of the Lambs (Buffalo Bill, by the way). That's one of the things we're cooking up with more to be discussed with you guys later.  
    3. More original video content - We'll throw game trailers in a feed for you guys as we happen across them (some screenshots too), because we know you guys like to see that stuff every once in awhile. However, we like doing new and interesting videos, so we think you'll appreciate us putting a lot of hard work into those. We actually have some REALLY awesome Vines thanks to contributing editor Gregory Blois. If you haven't seen them yet, please, for the love of god or your deity of choice (Zeus is always a good pick), check them out here. His newest one is hanging out in the sidebar there for your viewing pleasure on a weekly basis. Along with that, we will be bouncing ideas off of each other (don't worry, we have armor that is extra plated) for more consistent but fun video content. I myself will be starting weekly streams with the following two shows on our Twitch.tv channel: Every Sunday at Noon EST, I will be playing an indie game in the Indie Luchador Game Showcase and every Tuesday at 7PM EST I will play either the latest game release I can get my fat chicken-eating fingers on or I will continue my Quest FOR STEAM TRADING CARDS where I will play those games that feature Steam Cards. So, be sure to check that out! 

    That stuff is what we're doing in the immediate future, but we have a bunch of guys who like to bring new ideas to the table so keep checking back!  (We will also keep giving you reviews, because we want you to see our opinions about them!)

    We also have the Indie Luchador section of the website where we already bring you hours of great interview content. The latest of which is the awesome indie roundtable that our Main Eventer (Editor-in-Chief for those without wrestling vernacular in their veins) Eric Lee Lewis cooked up. This roundtable had Matt Lewandowski of Team2Bit (Fist Puncher, which is great by the way), Jon Davies from MegaDev (Super House Of The Dead Ninjas, another fun but challenging game), and Nicolae Berbece from Those Awesome Guys (they are making Concerned Joe at http://www.concerned-joe.com and I also have a great impression of Nicolae which you just heard if you chose to listen to this article) and it was a great way to learn about these guys, what they're working on, and just seeing their thoughts on the state of indie gaming. It's awesome stuff, and that's the kind of thing that Eric brings you guys on a weekly basis. We also have a bunch of great reviews from Eric as well as his Midcarder (sense the theme yet?) Travis Belke and they have been doing a great job of checking out these new indie experiences! I contribute a lot there as well, so check that stuff out. 

    Indie Luchador was made so that games coverage could be fun, and that's something we're trying to do altogether at the Spiderduck Network. Indie Luchador is also trying hard to cover as many of those unsung indie games that you don't hear about often. These games could be the thing that innovates in the videogame industry, and you may see some of these innovations bleed into bigger titles in the future. Indie Luchador is also going to be bringing something new to the table. Eric feels, as do I, that videogames and wrestling go hand-in-hand and we will be covering a bit of wrestling on that side of the website as well. So, kick back, have some fun, and go listen to the podcasts and interviews we have done.  


    Meet the rest of the staff:

    Here is the part where I talk up all the guys who bring their creativity to the table.  

    Firstly, I have to go with Eric Lee Lewis, who is the Main Eventer of Indie Luchador! He covers indie games like no other, and has a passion for them that can be felt in every article and interview he does. This guys deserves your attention, so give it to him! He conducts the best damn interviews in this industry, and I have never been more certain about anything else in my life. 

    Greg Livingston is our Senior Editor on the Spiderduck side of things, and he is one of the most unique individuals that I have ever known. Greg thinks about things in a way that few others do. I mean, look at his article on Mario's The Lost Levels and tell me this man is not a freakin' genius! Oh you can't? I didn't think so! (Any comments that dispute this fact are appreciated, but deemed wrong before even posted). 

    Marcus Lawrence is a Contributing Editor on this site as well, and he has a unique perspective and taste. (Sometimes, unique does equal terrible as he liked Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City so feel free to sully his good name in comments.) He does have an incredible grip on the japanese side of gaming that is augmented by his love for anime and japanese culture. Marcus is enthusiastic about the things he loves, and brings that to the table to provide his unique perspective. He is someone who gets better with every article he writes, and I can't wait to see what he has to say in the future! 

    Jovan St. Lawrence (the St. stands for street, so get it right) has made his way to the network. Jovan wants to bring his love for eSports and everything gaming to the table. He is still in the process of figuring out how he wants to approach the realm of eSports and, when he does, we will have some cool new stuff on the site. He is an intelligent, creative guy and he is going to do some great things!

    Gregory Blois is a character and has definitely found his creative calling with Vinecraft. I already gushed about that before, and I don't want him to get a big head so just go check it out already! I can't wait to see what he continues to bring to the table.  

    Travis Belke is the Midcarder at Indie Luchador and for being so new to this whole "writing about videogames" gig, he has gained a nice stride with a smattering of worthwhile reviews to be seen on the Indie Luchador section of the site. So, I implore you to read his stuff, because he has made me want to buy games quite a few times with his reviews! Check 'em out! 

    Elliot Zeichner is our other "Nintendo guy" here at the Spiderduck Network. He has a vast knowledge and appreciation for the  Nintendo side of things and provides some great insight in his reviews and articles. He's an asset that shouldn't be overlooked, and you can see his latest review (Animal Crossing New Leaf) right here

    Mike "Jr. Beard" Hewitt is probably too critical for his own good sometimes, but he knows his stuff. He looks at things in a different light, and it might not always be positive but he'll try to make a good point. Despite the fact that he can't grow a beard as epic as me or Eric, he has come into his own as a writer and ,even if you don't agree with his opinions, you always know it's going to be a good read! 

    Finally, I want to talk about the return of Tim Smith who was the man Spiderduck was originally created with. He returned this past week to our gaming podcast, and he has his own style of "crass intelligence" as his opinions might include some questionable use of the english language while at the same time come off as intelligent. He will not only be on the podcast, but he's going to write some stuff as well and we're glad to have his unique voice back in the fold.  

    Anyway, the point of this whole diatribe was to tell you guys about the changes to the site and to ask that you bear with us a bit as we work out kinks when we try new things and so you can get a feel for the site. We sincerely want to bring you guys some awesome content that will keep you coming back, so thank you very much for reading (or listening) to us!  If you have any questions, comments, concerns, death threats, soliloquies, haikus, or off color jokes please look for the envelope in our sidebar on your right (dude, you're other right, come on now) and shoot us an email!