Fable Anniversary coming this Holiday Season!

Earlier today, Lionhead studios announced that fans of their fantasy epic, Fable, will be able to get their hands on an HD remake of their initial installment in the series this holiday season. For those who only played the version available on the original Xbox, you can look forward to the journey you already know and love, as well as the extended content that was available on the PC, Fable: the Lost Chapters.

Lionhead studios seems to be pulling out all the stops with this remake. Not content to just re-skin a classic, fans can look forward to an all new game play interface, achievements, smartglass support, and even a completely modernized save system. Lionhead studios is also substantially updating the original graphics, textures, models, and facial and cut scene animations, all rendered in 1080p. There will even be a "chicken kicker" leaderboard "So you can actually find out who the best chicken kicker in Albion is." All in all, expect a vastly improved game that has learned from the decade of games that have preceded it.

For all the information revealed today, you can check out Major Nelson's podcast with Lionhead Studios Ted Timmons, where they discuss all the upcoming features in Fable Anniversary HERE.