Harmonix and Disney collide for 'Fantasia Music Evolved'

Harmonix announced their new game this morning and in a collaboration with Disney they will bring us Fantasia Music Evolved for Kinect which is exclusive to the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The game is not a recreation of the classic film, but brings the mixture of the visuals and music to a contemporary setting as you interact with different songs. 

You respond to on-screen symbols and move in swiping motions to complete songs, but you can also change the music at different points to actually remix the music you're playing. Harmonix wanted to make sure they including a strong freestyle element into the game allowing you to change the track at several points. 

Upon completing a song, you will be thrown back into a level hub that you becomes enriched each time you complete a song. This can do things such as add more life and scenery to these hubs. It does a good job of making it feel like the Fantasia movies.

Fantasia Music Evolved  will be hitting stores sometime in 2014 and you can check out the trailer below.