Remixing Remember Me: Self-Proclaimed Artist

Many people are quite aware that I respect Capcom for coming up with the idea for Remember Me. I thought the game was brilliant even with its minor flaws and hoped others would see the greatness within Remember Me. So here I was, reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the fifth time when Trevor asked which of us would like to do a story on something Remember Me related. I immediately voiced my desire to do it and was quite intrigued with what I read. Starting today, people across Europe and North America can go to to take part in the Remember Me Music Remix Contest. The goal is simple but will take creativity to become the winner. By heading to the website above and downloading the music "fragments" (free of charge of course), people can begin remixing the game's soundtrack to create their own unique soundtrack memory. 

I've already begun to create my music and I like how it is turning out. Not only that but I'm starting to feel the urge to go back and play Remember Me for the fourth time. Once you finish remixing the fragments, enter the soundtrack into the running for the chance to win big. There will be two chances to become a winner; once from the community voting and the other from the Capcom staff. Winners will receive these prizes in addition to having his/her name remembered for remixing this internationally acclaimed soundtrack by Olivier Deriviere: 

  1. A one of a kind vinyl LP featuring the winner's remixed soundtrack in a custom-made sleeve with exclusive artwork from Remember Me's   developer Dontnod Enterainment's Art Director Aleksi Briclot.
  2. A copy of the   Remember Me videogame
  3. A console of the winner's choice
  4. The official Remember Me artbook
  5. And various assorted merchandise  

When I stopped to read what prizes I could potentially win if I happen to create a killer soundtrack, I went straight to the site and started to work. In some really odd way, I almost felt like a watered-down makeshift DJ. At one point, I even pretended to be like Daft Punk (robot sounds and all). Even if I don't win, this is a very different approach for a game company to take and I'm grateful for the opportunity. All entries can be downloaded for free from the music remix site and fellow contestants can vote on their favorite remix to determine who will become a winner.  

The contest will be held from July 1st to July 31st, giving everyone a full month to remix their tracks. Hopefully a majority, if not all, of the community gets in on the action and takes part. Everyone good luck and get to remixing!!!