Burial At Sea...More Like Bury My Feels

WARNING!!! This piece will contain heavy spoilers from Bioshock Infinite. Read at your own discretion. 

 Probably like most of the gaming world, I just finished watching the trailer for "Burial At Sea", the planned DLC for Irrational Games'  Bioshock Infinite. Just like those thousands of people, I laid in my bed with a smile so big, I could feel it on my ears. The trailer is only 1:12 but the amount of nostalgia and familiarity jammed in is off the charts. The trailer opens with Booker Dewitt in his office talking about how "even in a utopia, someone has to clean up the mess".

The moment he steps out the office, people automatically realize where the DLC will take place: Rapture. That's right; Irrational Games is taking us back to Rapture because as we know from the ending of Infinite, there are countless realities that are all similar yet different. My guess is this DLC will be one of those similar yet different realities but instead of being in Columbia, we return to Rapture. This could be the Rapture before everything went to hell or another Rapture where the civil war never happened. The people look friendly, the environment is clean and not destroyed. Even little girls which highly resemble Little Sisters make an appearance. Needless to say, this won't be the same Rapture we explored in the previous installments. Players will take on the role of this world's Booker Dewitt as he must help out a very familiar but different girl. During the trailer, we can speculate that he wants to escape from Rapture but needs the help from the girl who "promised him a way out". As he offers her a fire from his Plasmid (remember the first?), her face comes into the light and lo and behold, it's none other than Elizabeth! However, this Elizabeth, while sort of familiar in facial structure, is not the same Elizabeth from Columbia. Instead, she smokes and has a more mature aura about her. As the screen fades to dark, you can hear her say "Elizabeth...you can call me Elizabeth".

The Elizabeth of this reality

The Elizabeth of this reality

It feels like Irrational Games is going for the same feel the old Private Eye movies used to give off. The inner monologue from the main character is what tipped me off towards their motives. Even if my guess is off, it still doesn't change the fact of how awesome Burial At Sea will be. I didn't really know where else they could go besides doing other stories within either Columbia or the other realities. I'm glad they went for the latter because this opens up many doors that can be explored. I also noticed how this DLC is being called episode one. Does this mean there will be more episodes for Burial At Sea or is it referring to the other DLC on the way?

Burial At Sea doesn't have a release date yet but will be "coming soon" for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Steam. For those of you that haven't seen the trailer, look no further than down.