Teamwork Makes the Dream Work in Dungeon Defenders 2 (Hands-On)

Dungeon Defenders 2 is the upcoming sequel to the original, which took off a few years ago on both the Xbox 360 and PC. Dungeon Defenders is a tower defense game that also throws third-person action into the mix as you control a character that you use to put up various towers as well as straight up fight the hordes of enemies. In the original game, you could get away with playing the game solo and leveling up your character and towers to the point where you were pretty much unstoppable. That's what makes the new focus on teamwork more appealing in the latest entry. 

Dungeon Defenders 2 focuses on teamwork more than ever before. The developers over at Trendy Entertainment have made the game a lot more difficult, and if you can't work as a team you'll die a lot. When playing the game at PAX East, Trendy had the game set up in teams and Dungeon Defenders designer Phil Asher would talk to the team beforehand to give us a deep explanation of the new mechanics. This helped put the emphasis on the differences between the characters and to really hit home the teamwork aspect.

Playing the game, I realize Trendy has something special on their hands. Each character has their own set of special abilities and towers to play with. For example, the mage character I played as could summon a cyclone to knock down a row of enemies and had a few unique towers including the fire tower. This is where your own abilities and towers play into teamwork as you need to maximize your combos to get the most out of your abilities. The best scenario I can think of is when using a water tower, which shoots enemies into the air, if you're the character that has the lightning ability then you can electrocute the enemies after they are hit with water to do a lot more damage. They key to Dungeon Defenders 2 is not only knowing your abilities, but your team's as well. The more you know how to work together the better off you'll be since Trendy upped the difficulty to encourage you to work together. The days of solo play are over, but that's not a bad thing.

The last great thing about Dungeon Defenders 2 is that Trendy will be bringing out the game free to play. By doing this, it doesn't limit your team to whoever has the money to purchase the game. It just limits it to the friends that want to play it. They've also made the decision to not make it pay to win which means everyone will have to work hard and rely on teamwork to progress. This is one of the more exciting games on the horizon so be sure to give it a shot once it's released.