Mortal Kombat X: Brutality Returns

Mortal Kombat X Announcement Trailer

With E3 only a mere 8 days away, unveil announcements are still hitting the gaming community left and right. Mortal Kombat X literally punches and kicks its way onto our screens as we see the infamous Sub-Zero and Scorpion facing off once more.

So what exactly do we know about MKX? Well, we know the game is slated to be released on PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC in 2015 and is being developed by NetherRealm Studios. These are the same men and women who brought us Mortal Kombat 9 back in 2011; giving this franchise a much needed reboot.

Of course, we'll be seeing more of Mortal Kombat X at E3 next week.