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Remember Me Review

The one thing I truly admire Remember Me for is the chance to do something unique. To go against the grain and try to make something work. I feel like the risk was totally worth it but will agree that this game isn't going to make any waves. Sadly, doing something different won't garner the attention it truly deserves. Find out why I support Remember Me.

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Welcome Indie Luchador!

​Here at the Spiderduck Network and GGN like to bring you as much content as humanly possible. We have started to bring you daily video game content with all the great writers brought in from our merger with Galactic Gaming News. We now have a great team with that merger including myself, Jimmy Kovalski, Greg Livingston, Marcus Lawrence, Gregory Blois, and Elliot Zeichner. We are now proud to announce that Eric Lee Lewis is now joining us (or re-joining some of us) and bringing a huge focus on Indie Gaming by bringing us Indie Luchador!

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Spiderduck Network and Galactic Gaming News HAVE MERGED!

Alright, we have a BIG Announcement to make. The Spiderduck Network has merged with Galactic Gaming News so that we can do bigger and better things. Things like constant daily video game content such as news, videos, reviews, and much much more in the pipelines! Both teams are proud to be on board and ready to keep bringing you great content that you will be proud to tell your friends about! (No, seriously, tell them. Please, stop reading this post and tell your friends you love us. Click that share button down on the bottom of this post! Just do it!)

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