A call to the nerd community

-Eric Lee Lewis

Essentially, most gamers are just that; nerds. Of course, being a nerd now isn’t such a bad thing. I for one am a nerd and I am proud. I can admit to what I love and not feel awkward. Most of that probably has to do with not being a teenager though. While most of us that are 20+ used to get made fun of for reading comics or gaming magazines, we no longer have to worry about it…sort of.

Online gaming is more prevalent than ever. Also, Call of Duty has a huge community. Why do I mention Call of Duty is specific? I mention COD because of it’s community. I used to be a hardcore COD fan, but over time the games have stayed basically the same every year and only one thing seems to change; the community. Yeah, it’s mostly the same people but the language involved has gotten out of hand. I don’t mean the profanity, I mean the racial slurs and homophobic messages. 

Usually, here at Empty Wallet Gamer, we don’t use profanity on the page, this article kind of needs it for specifics. It is hard to maintain a level of fun when you try to start a round of team death match or whatever without somebody yelling faggot, nigger, or redneck at another person. The worst part is that most of these are young kids or disgruntled gamers that have been racking up losses. So why do they use such profanity?

With online gaming having such a huge reach, many people realize that they will not have their names remembered because of the amount of other players. In this domain people feel like they are protected due to being behind a monitor. These ingrates think that they can pretend they are big people with Batman-like fighting skills. 

While some people find comfort in their gaming avatar, not all people are safe. Last year a 46 year old man hunted down a 13 year old child after killing him in Call of Duty and mocking him harshly. While the cynical side of most of us applaud this, it is not okay. Nor was the child’s behavior. So what can respectful gamers such as myself do?

There are plenty of gaming anti-bullying organizations out there, but the issue seems to be that nothing seems to stop such behavior. The only thing that can really happen is to have everyone band together. But, I don’t expect masses of people to actually follow suit and police gaming. We don’t need more censorship. It would be nice to have a group put together that could play games together and remain friendly. Hell, if someone goes on a verbal tirade, band together and report that person. A high number of reports can’t be ignored. 

In closing, if anything is ever going to change and we want to plug our microphones back in, we need to stand up for the gaming community. As of right now, gaming culture is still looked at by the negative actions that take place online. If anybody would be interested and we had enough people, we could start an awesome gaming group. If not, stand up for yourself in a respectful and intelligent way. After all, we are just a bunch of nerds

Would you be interested in setting up a small gaming community that can interact with each other in a respectful way?