A Reason for Gaming: Eric Lee Lewis

Throughout my life there has been an abundant amount of unfortunate circumstances. Life had crumbled multiple times before my eyes. Friends and family have come and gone and life has come and gone. Happiness has faded and come back around. One thing has stayed constant between all things staying and leaving; video games. 

Within the first 2 years of my life I had been introduced to something that would supposedly never get anybody anywhere in life. In the year 2011 the gaming industry has become one of the biggest forms of entertainment. Movies are not even living up to the quality of games anymore. Has gaming become the king of all entertainment? Some would say no, others may say ABSOLUTELY. 

At age of 2 I had completed my first game, Super Mario Bros. At the age of 2 that is a pretty interesting feat, but in the 1980’s this meant nothing. I was hooked, I had found something fun and something that I was good at. 

As previously stated I have been through a hell of a lot and I shall not mention it here. I have always had games to rely on. Where else can you go to a place and play a character who takes you out of this world and really solves life’s problems for those few hours? 

 In closing, thank you to the video game industry, you have provided me with the best stress relief possible. Reviews will come very soon. At least one review a week is my goal. If there are any requests email emptywalletgamer@gmail.com or message me.

-Eric Lee Lewis